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    The Searson Family Funeral Service is very much a family business, one that now has three generations working in it.

    The Searson Family

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    Simply DIGNIFIED - £1495.00

    The ‘Simply Dignified’ funeral offers the same basic principles in providing a simple and dignified funeral but with some variations and the choice to add optional extras. The main difference with this package is that it allows family to attend the service should they wish, although a Minister will be an additional cost. You can, however, carry out a service yourself should you wish. If you want to have a Crematorium other than the one we specify, there may be an additional cost as each Crematorium’s charges vary dramatically:

    This is a local Portsmouth based service available to residents living ONLY within a 20 mile radius of Portsmouth. The service goes as far as Southampton, Chichester and Bognor Regis, and as far North as Guildford. Regrettably, if you live outside of these areas, we will not be able to offer you this service.

    The funeral service includes -

    Collection of Deceased from Hospital / Mortuary
    Within the designated area

    Provision of a BASIC Oak Effect Coffin
    Fitted with Handles and a Plastic Liner

    Oak Effect Funeral Casket

    Transfer to the Crematorium
    Place at our discretion, time can be agreed

    Completion of the Cremation Process
    Including all relevant legal documentation

    Scattering of Cremated Remains within Crematorium Gardens
    Have the Cremated Remains returned to you
    In a choice of Scatter Tube
    Courier Charge may apply

    Medical Certificates for Cremation may apply in some instances which will form an additional cost. You can read more about this here.

    Cremated Remains

    Included in both service packages the Cremated remains can be scattered within the selected Crematorium’s Garden of Remembrance. Once scattered you will receive details of their precise location and also be provided details regarding Book of Remembrance options. However, should you wish to have the Cremated Remains returned to you, there are some options you may wish to consider.

    In any instance you have the option to visit the Crematorium where the cremation took place and simply collect the Cremated Remains. You will need to notify us at the application stage should you wish to do this.

    Plastic Container for cremated remainsIn our ‘Simply Basic’ package we provide a simple plastic container which is practical and ideal of private scattering or retaining at home.

    If you chose the ‘Simply Dignified’ package then you will be given the option to select one of our lovely Scatter Tubes which come in a range of designs.

    Should you wish to have the Cremated Remains returned to you, we can arrange this AT COST through Royal Mail Recorded Delivery, the cost for which is detailed in our ‘Additional Charges’ page.

    Wooden Casket for cremated remainsShould you want to have the Cremated Remains returned in a more traditional Wooden Casket, this is fine, an additional cost is applicable, just let us know.

    We also have an array of more detailed, hand crafted Caskets and Urns, your choice is endless and we can provide you details of what is available, just contact us or give us a call.