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    The Searson Family Funeral Service is very much a family business, one that now has three generations working in it.

    The Searson Family

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    The DIY Funeral

    There are those families who wish to carry out as much of the funeral arranging process themselves. The DIY funeral as it has become known is a preferred choice for some people. It is important to remember that you have no legal obligation to employ the professional services of a Funeral Director. We are here for help, guidance, support and convenience to you. You can use your own vehicle, make your own coffin, collect he deceased from a public mortuary, and you can also keep the deceased at home until the day of service.

    Arranging a funeral without the support of a Funeral Director

    However, in arranging a funeral without the support of a Funeral Director, there are many legal obligations that must be fulfilled; there are also environment health considerations in respect of keeping a loved one at home. Should anyone be considering a DIY funeral, please request a copy of our NEW information leaflet, ‘Arranging a DIY Funeral’. It has useful details to consider, authorities to contact and offers suggestion in how to make your own contributions in a legally binding way.

    Whenever a family purchase services specific to a DIY funeral we will provide a Documentation Pack with all relevant forms required for either a burial or cremation. There will also be a copy of our DIY funeral leaflet included but this will be all the guidance that will be provided.

    We are happy to assist any family in putting together a DIY funeral but, being professionals, our time given for guidance is chargeable. In an effort to support families who wish to take the DIY route, we are able to offer a range of products / services, all itemised individually, and you can choose to purchase any number of these from us should you wish.

    These are straight purchase products or services, you are not employing our services, and no arrangements in any way are made in respect of organising the funeral. We therefore take no responsibility for legalities not adhered to which may affect the funeral outcome. No account facilities are available and all purchased products / services are payable on collection / completion.

    DIY Funeral Prices

    DIY Funeral Charges List Price

    Coffins And Accessories:


    Plain Cardboard Coffin
    Not including Handles or Linings


    Plain Chipbaord Coffin
    Not including Handles or Linings


    Set Of Plastic Coffin Handles
    Six Handles in either Nickel or Brass Effect


    Waterproof Coffin Liner


    Basic Coffin Shroud


    Inscribed Nameplate


    Satin Taffeta Gown & Interior
    In a choice of colours


    Vehicle Services
    All vehicle services operate with a 14 mile radious from Portsmouth.
    All vehicle services are operated with ONE member of staff.


    Service to collect Deceased
    8.00am - 5.00pm Monday - Friday


    Service to collect Deceased
    5.00pm - 8.00am Monday - Friday


    Service to collect Deceased
    Bank Holidays and Weekends


    Estate Car for Funeral


    Additional Mileage PER MILE


    Hire of Traditional Hearse


    Hire Of Limousine


    Mortuary Services
    It may be necessary for us to carry out additonal preparations to your loved one, depending upon specific circumstances and requirements


    Retention of Deceased PER DAY
    No Refridgeration


    Retention of Deceased PER DAY
    Employing Refridgeration


    Hygenic Treatment of Deceased


    Basic Care and Dressing of Deceased


    Ancillary Items
    Some basic ancillary items that you may require


    Plastic Cremated Remains Container


    Wooded Ashes Casket


    Plastic Grave Marker


    Wooden Grave Marker


    Bearers for Funeral (each)