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    The Searson Family Funeral Service is very much a family business, one that now has three generations working in it.

    The Searson Family

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    PrePaid Funeral Charges

    Planning ahead for ones own funeral can often prove a difficult step to take. Facing up to such a reality will, for many, be a difficult process. However, such a step will, inevitably, provide much reassurance, not only to you but also for those you leave behind. We can help you through this process, providing help and support, creating a meaningful funeral, a perfect gift to those you love.

    Pre PAID Funeral Plans from Searsons Family Funeral Services

    At a time when Pre PAID Funeral Plans are extensively marketed, we are now able to provide a more viable alternative for those who wish to arrange their Funeral in advance - and it’s FREE.

    For many people, paying in advance is not an option: Insurance, Investments, Savings and Property will provide for funeral costs at the time. Frequently, families get together and spread the cost of a funeral among themselves, alleviating financial strain on just one person. However, having your wishes known and formally detailed will, for many, prove to be a reassuring and comforting step to take.

    Your Choices, Your Funeral - My wishes plan

    We have developed ‘My Wishes’, a plan that enables every detail of ones funeral wishes to be documented. The package comes as a self completion format and has all the prompts necessary to ensure no detail is missed. Additional sections have also been included for more specific instructions, miscellaneous pages for personal thoughts and words appropriate for the funeral. ‘My Wishes’ can be as detailed as one desires, or just kept simple, it’s a personal decision and one that can be made calmly and free from emotion. Alternatively, ‘My Wishes’ can be completed with the help of the Searson family through an informal discussion, either at our office or in the comfort of your own home. Whatever you decide, the service is FREE of CHARGE.

    Funeral Pre-Payment

    However, for those who wish to plan and pay in advance for their own funeral, we are now able to provide this option through the Funeral Planning Service. There are many advantages to pre-payment, and paying for your chosen funeral in advance will secure all charges at today’s prices. You can choose to pay just our fees, and regardless of how long in the future the funeral will be, your family will pay no more. Costs may escalate over the years, but paying our charges today will prevent any further increase in the future.

    You may wish to provide payment for the entire funeral cost, including Third Party Charges: Crematorium, Cemetery, Clergy etc. These are costs out of our control, and usually increase, year on year, far beyond the rate of inflation. ‘My Wishes’ can provide for these costs at today's rates, and will be listed as a contribution towards Third Party Charges. At the time of the funeral, should the investment rate not have kept in line with the increase in these costs, there may be a small additional charge at the time of carrying out the funeral. Your funeral payment will be managed by the Funeral Planning Service, and the Custodian Trustees are Capita Trust Company. Your payment should be considered an investment, and this will be independently managed and regulated. For further information on pre-payment options, please read the leaflets below by clicking on the one or give us a call.

    Request your Funeral Planning Pack today

    'My Wishes’ is an innovative, easy and simple way to plan for a Funeral in advance. For your Planning Pack, just give us a call and we’ll send you out a copy. Alternatively contact any one of our family members who will be happy to explain any questions you may have. Be assured that all enquiries are without obligation.

    Choose which pack you would like to download

    The Searson Helpful Guide General Price Guide

    The Searson Family - Helpful Guide PDFThe Searson Family Funeral Service Helpful Guide explains a lot about what we do, procedures and steps that take place following a death of a loved one

    Download The Help Guide

    General Price Guide CoverFor your convenience, The Searson Family Funeral Service have made available a PDF Price Guide which details the majority of our services.

    Download General Price Guide

    My Wishes Application Pack

    My Wishes Application PackFor your convenience, The Searson Family Funeral Service have made available a PDF application pack you can download and view

    Download My Wishes Application Pack