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    The Searson Family Funeral Service is very much a family business, one that now has three generations working in it.

    The Searson Family

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    Additional Funeral Charges

    We firmly believe that a total cost funeral should mean exactly that, no hidden extras, no unforeseen small print that demands more money. However, there will always be situations where optional or compulsory costs may need to be added depending upon ones individual circumstances. There are some charges that may need to be added to the cost of any funeral package selected.

    Funeral Medical Fees

    Should your loved one not be under the jurisdiction of HM Coroner, cremation regulations state that two medical certificates be required before final disposition can take place. Although we organise the documents for you there will be a compulsory charge (currently) of £152.00 for their completion.

    Additional Mileage

    It may be the case that you have chosen to select our services but you don’t fall into our standard service area. As such you may be required to make a contribution to the additional mileage needed for us to fulfil our duties. We currently charge £1.60 per mile but do check with us at the enquiry stage because we may not need to make this additional cost depending upon where you are and the Crematorium we intend to use.

    Oversize Coffin

    It is becoming increasingly necessary to have some coffins made specifically to meet the size and weight of some people. Should we be required to provide services were the deceased is considered bariatric circumstances, we will let you know what the additional cost may be. The Cardboard casket does have limitations in weight durability, but this will be discussed, should it be necessary, at the enquiry stage.


    You may find that our ‘Simply Dignified’ package doesn’t quite meet your individual needs. As such we have formulated a list of potential extras goods and services you may wish to include:

    GOWN - available from £22.00
    Available in White, Blue and Pink

    Funeral Gowns - Simple

    Wooden Ashes Casket - available from £75.00
    Available in Oak or Mahogany

    Wooden Ashes Casket

    Minister to Officiate - available from £110.00
    Can also be a non-religious service

    Postage of Cremated Remains - available from £45.00
    Cost may vary depending upon your area

    Pacemaker Removal - available from £60.00
    Legally required for cremation

    Home Collection of your loved one - available from £120.00
    There may also be an additional mileage charge

    In the majority of cases our package price is all you will need. Please don’t be concerned about ‘unforeseen costs’, we will only make an additional charge where it necessary and will ALWAYS tell you these costs before you decide to accept our service.