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    The Searson Family Funeral Service is very much a family business, one that now has three generations working in it.

    The Searson Family

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    Funeral Directors in Portsmouth

    The Searson Family Funeral Service in CopnorOur funeral home located in Copnor Road at Portsmouth features a reception area which is comfortable and welcoming. The Searsons Family Funeral Services aim to provide a friendly, informal and relaxed atmosphere, and our hospitality is second to none.

    Unlike other funeral directors, we don’t have items on display for ‘sale’; we’re definitely NOT sales people. We extend countless options and choices which invariably involve no additional cost.

    All our funerals and unique and individual, and what we have on display are items that we provide to you as part of our service.

    The Searson Family Funeral Service in CopnorOur Reception Area is a quiet, tranquil setting, where we can chat with you about your funeral plans. We have designed the reception area to be warm, friendly and inviting. There are a selection of published documents, displays of memorial booklets which you are free to look through.

    Our staff members are there to help you and are understanding and kind, listening and providing assistance when you need it the most.

    The Searsons Family Funeral Services

    We have provided some images of our Copnor Funeral Home to view. Just click on any one of the images to see a larger picture.

    Our Funeral Home in Copnor Warm Family Lounge Our Reception Lounge
    Our Chapel of Rest All our funeral homes have excellent care facilities Modern and clean careroom