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    The funeral profession has long been a proud vocation, one which has been served for generations by devoted and dedicated families within your local community. Today the profession is fast becoming a big business, being dominated by large conglomerates and Co-operatives ever merging into the independent sector for the sake of large and unjustifiable profits. Today many funeral directors which have served their local community for years are now just another branch office, having been sold, giving a false impression that they are still a family owned and operated business when they are not.

    When a family business is taken over by a national conglomerate, local traditions and family values decline dramatically. Decisions are often based on ‘Policy’, made by managers or directors in head offices miles away that have no understanding of the local area. Branch staff must work in accordance with strict procedures, treating all families in a uniform way. Families who entrust, what they think is their local family Funeral Director will never know that they are, in fact, dealing with a large organisation. Does this make a difference? We think it does. The difference will be the limited flexibility in service provided, the increased costs incurred and the overall service experience is very much diminished.

    As a true family funeral business we strive to exceed expectations, we go the extra mile, we have genuine determination to provide the best possible service. With our family at the helm you know precisely who you are dealing with. When you call us, or visit our funeral homes, you know it will be a ‘Searson’ that will look after you. When you need our services at 2.00am, it will be a ‘Searson’ on the end of a telephone; it will be a ‘Searson’ who comes to your home. It will be a ‘Searson’ who cares for your loved one, a ‘Searson’ who makes the arrangements and a ‘Searson’ there for you on the day of service. Above all else there will always be a ‘Searson’ here for you in the days, weeks, months and years after. We’re not just funeral directors we are friends who build relationships with those we serve.

    You will have the assurance that the service you receive from the Searson Family Funeral Service will be tailored to meet YOUR needs, not a service in line with company policy. Ultimately, the only people we are answerable to are you, and that really does make a huge difference at a difficult and vulnerable time.

    The Searson Family

    The Searson FamilyWe don’t just arrange funerals, we help create special, meaningful days.

    This is The Searson family. Lily, James, Debi, Matthew, Andy, and Pauline. ALL of whom are the Searson's, very much a funeral service family. It doesn’t matter when you call or when you visit, you will always be looked after by a member of Andy Searson’s family.

    Our philosophy is very simple, to create a meaningful and memorable day, one which reflects the personality and character of the life lost. We recognise that no two people are the same, so no two funerals should be either.

    We take great pride in offering a service which focuses very much on family values. Look at any other funeral business for miles around and see how many of one family work in the business! Most businesses look as if they are a small family funeral service, in fact, many of them are owned by large corporate organisations, co-operatives and other acquisition type companies.

    Someone has just died

    At a time when you have just lost someone in death whom you love so much, it can be comforting to know that there are funeral directors who do really care. If you would like to talk to us about making funeral arrangements, we will be there to help, guide and support you through this awful time.

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