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    Andy SearsonThe Searson Family Funeral Service is a relatively new business that has grown from very humble beginnings. Andy Searson started in funeral service soon after leaving school in 1981. After a short spell at college, he decided that Architectural Design wasn’t necessarily going to be for him, so wanted something completely different.

    Being an Undertaker offered an interesting opportunity, and having been provided a six month training scheme with A G Stapleford and Son, his career began. he was one of the very first ‘Youth Opportunities Programme’ candidates to take training in Funeral Service, earning a staggering £12.50 a week. After six months he signed up for a further two years training with the same company under the governments ‘Youth Training Scheme’, things were improving, the wage had jumped to £32.00 per week!

    Andy was lucky to have been under the guidance of a gentleman by the name of Harry Bodenham, an experienced and rather down to earth Funeral Director who, in reality, helped Andy to be the Funeral Director he is today. The following two years would see him do all the mundane tasks, he perfected the art of making tea, cleaning cars, washing floors and, as time went on, learned the skills to be a coffin maker. After the two years were up the company took him on full time and became a Trainee Assistant Funeral Director. He began to show interest in Embalming and started a journey in learning the art, attending Embalming School once a week in London, something that continued for the following three years. Through a lot of hard work and with much enthusiasm, Andy became A G Stapleford’s full time Embalmer and enjoyed five years with the company.

    You can read much more about the Searson Family and the story behind our funeral services by choosing to click here which will take you to our main Searson Family Funeral Website.

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